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How to Get 4 Million Visits Per Month With One Simple Keyword Hack

how to get 4 million visits per month

How to Get 4 Million Visits Per Month

Can you guess how many visitors I have each month? Four million of those four million are one-of-a-kind.

But you’re already aware of that.

But what you don’t realize is that the majority of that traffic comes from a simple hack that no one else is using.

And, best of all, it’s simple.

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to figure this out.


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What are Keywords and how to use them

What exactly are keywords?

When looking for something online, people will type these words into a search box.

As an example, suppose you want to buy a table. You log on to the internet, navigate to the search box, and type the word “table” into the search box.

The search engines begin looking for websites that are relevant to your query.

Within seconds, you will have a long list of results in front of you (known as the search engine results page) from which to choose.

On the other hand, if you owned a website that sold tables, you would want to attract this person to your website. To do so, your website must appear on the search engine results page.

To accomplish this, your website must contain the most relevant keywords.

For example, in order for the search engine results to see your website as valuable to this search, you must use the word “table” correctly on your website.



Using keywords will assist you in proving your worth to search engines.

The key is to understand what helps you rank well and what does not. Keywords were used by people less than a decade ago.

Pages and pages of website content were almost entirely comprised of keywords.

The problem is that a website that is only packed with keywords is unlikely to be packed with information.

Consider the following example: John creates a website in the hopes of attracting visitors who will visit the affiliate pages he links to.

As a result, he intends to stuff his page with keywords. So his website will rank well this way, right?

There are two issues with this procedure. For starters, there is little chance that anyone visiting such a page will find it valuable enough to stay and click on affiliate links.

Second, Google and other search engines have changed their complex algorithms significantly.

Websites with an excessive number of keywords will be ranked lower in search engine results pages.

The key is to understand what the best percentages are. Of course, Google will not tell you how many keywords to use.

They do, however, provide a wealth of detailed information that you can use.

This is the information you need to rely on to get the results you want.


Where Should Keywords Be Used

When and where should you use keywords?

Keywords should be found in almost everything you post online. Here are some examples of where you can put them.

Put them in each article on your website. Set them up on your home page and sales pages. Put keywords in your blog posts.

In your product descriptions, include keywords. Use keywords in your website’s tags and headings, as well as in your blog’s tags and headings.

Use them on contact pages, FAQ pages, and pretty much any other page on your website.

This is critical for achieving a high page ranking in search engine results pages. However, you do not have to make this a difficult process.

In fact, it is often best to keep keywords in mind as you write content for your website. Write what is truly important first, and then return to keywords later.


The King is the Content

One of the first phrases used still holds true today. When it comes to Internet marketing, “content is king.”

If you create a page on your website, you want the person who visits it to say, ”

This is fantastic. I’m bookmarking this page so I can return to it frequently.”

The best way to accomplish this is to include relevant information on each page of content you provide to your readers.

In a few moments, we’ll walk through the steps of creating high-quality content.


Steps of creating high-quality content

  1. You use keywords on your pages, but they are stuffed with filler content.

When your reader arrives at your page, he or she thinks to themselves, “this does not help me,” and then moves on.

  1. The reader arrives at your website and discovers errors. They no longer trust you and leave your site.
  2. The affiliate programs you use to earn money from visitors to your website.

They find it to be poorly designed and lacking in information.

The programs determine that you are not a good fit for their organization. They no longer provide affiliate program membership.

  1. Your website receives no inbound links. Inbound links are links that point to your website.

When ranking websites, Google considers these to be valuable. If another website (or several of them) considers your website to be a valuable resource, it will undoubtedly rank higher.

Other websites, however, will not do so if your content is of poor quality.

  1. Your website generates little to no revenue because it is poorly ranked and does not attract repeat visitors.

Your website’s content must be well-written and organized. It must be informative and useful to anyone who visits or reads it.


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Keyword Opportunities

So, here’s a little secret: instead of looking for new keyword opportunities to rank for, all I do is look for keywords that are already ranked.

Even if they’re small, you can find other long tail variations of the same keyword and generate more traffic by pursuing that term as well.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

If you already rank for the term “dog food” and get a lot of traffic from it, Google will easily rank you for all of the other long tail variations for dog food.

The reason for this is that ranking for the head term is more difficult than ranking for the long tail variation.

And even if the majority of your traffic comes from a long tail term like how to become rich.


Keywords Variations

Even that word has a plethora of other long tail variations.

For example, how to become wealthy on the internet. How to Make Money on Social Media

So, Step 1 is what I want you to do.


How to Get 4 Million Visits Per Month

Steps to Get 4 Million Visits Per Month

Let´s jumo into how to get 4 million visits per month.


Step 1

Go to Ubersuggest and enter your domain.

When you enter your domain, it will display something called Top Pages.

These will show you all of the pages that drive your traffic as well as the keywords that drive your rankings.


Step 2

The next thing I want you to do is go to Google Search Console and sign in.

Again, it will show you all of the terms for which you are already ranking.


Step 3

After that, return to Ubersuggest and enter the exact phrases for which you ranked.

Ubersuggest will display a Keywords Ideas report with all of the long tail variations of that term.

If you rank for the head term, you’ll notice that there are a slew of other long tail terms that generate a lot of traffic.

Maybe not in the same proportion, but they could account for one-tenth, one-twentieth, or even one-fifth of all traffic.

But if you combine all of those terms, you’ll get a lot of traffic. More than just the headline term.


Step 4

The next step is to take those terms and run with them.

Return to the page that is already ranking for the head term and make any necessary changes to your content.

Include all of those words. Rewrite the text. Check to see if you’re adding value.

You’re going above and beyond, and people admire you for it “Oh, my goodness! This is the best dog food page ever! It demonstrates how to feed my dog.

This demonstrates the type of food I should choose for them.

How to choose food if they’re gaining or losing too much weight.

How to get them to be more fit and muscular. It simplifies everything.”

As a result, no one else needs to read another article about dog food.

After you do that, you’ll notice that within 30 days, that page will rank higher in Google for all of the long tail variations.

Because once you’ve ranked for the main head term, it’s extremely simple to rank for all of the long tail variations.

Because the head term is the most difficult to rank for.

Google will naturally recommend you for all of the others within 30 days.


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How to Get 4 Million Visits Per Month Conclusion

So how to get 4 million visits per month?

That’s the simple hack I applied to all of my pages on

I now have over 2,000 articles under my belt. That’s more than 2,000 blog posts. I’ve completed every single one.

That is why I receive over four million visitors per month.

That is exactly what you need to do if you want to significantly increase your traffic.

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