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How to Create a Killer Blog Content Strategy

How to Create a Killer Blog Content Strategy

To have an effective blog site as well as make money you need to know how to create a killer blog content strategy.


They say content is king, and they’re right since it’s one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience.

Using a blog to make money online is one of the most effective ways to build a long-term internet business.

However, it does take some time and dedication.

Here are some good ideas for setting your blog’s content calendar for the entire year to make it much easier.



Set Objectives for Your Blog

how to create a killer blog content strategy

Before opening a spreadsheet and taking down suggestions for your schedule, you require to consider your goals.

Begin by considering your general service objectives.

Consider what you want to accomplish this year to help you grow your brand.

Is there a lot more brand recognition? Is there going to be a lot more fan involvement? How do you build trust and commitment? Increasing the number of leads, conversions, and clients?

Your blogging aims must help you achieve these business goals. Use the CLEVER goal-setting theme to create high-quality blogging goals.

For example, by increasing targeted gated material on your blog, you can increase your email list by 20% in 60 days.
– By delivering more focused web content, you can increase your website traffic by 10% in 45 days.

After you’ve established your objectives, you can concentrate on developing and distributing the type of web content that will help you achieve them.



Create Audience Personas

how to create a killer blog content strategy

To get the most out of your blog posts, you must first figure out who your target audience is and what their interests and needs are.

This data allows you to develop more focused content that gets results (clicks and also web traffic, downloads, conversions, shares, etc.).

Consider the various people you’re trying to reach, as well as the audience personas you’ve created for each. While everyone is unique, there are certain commonalities among readers.

You’re giving yourself a clear vision of the person to target with your site content by building target market personalities.

This assists you create web content for your target markets’ needs and interests.



Produce the Schedule

how to create a killer blog content strategy

You’ve obtained your goals and also know whom you’re targeting. Currently, you’re ready to develop your calendar.

Initially open up a blank spreadsheet design template in Google Sheets or Excel.

Make use of the first sheet (or tab) for the total preparation of your editorial calendar, beginning with the content mix.

To keep points interesting for your audience, it’s a good approach to blend the types of web content you create

The next step is to include sheets for each and every month.

If you don’t intend to post more than a couple of times a week, though, you can just add two sheets to keep points tidy (six months on one sheet, and the other 6 months on the other).

Do not forget to write in your sheet special days and holidays.  It does not make sense to publish content that people is not going to be aware of.

If your niche is about those relevant dates, then you have to take advantage of them.

To be a successful blog writer, ideally, you should produce a regular posting routinely as well as stay with it.

Whether it’s one new message each week or several messages per day, maintaining a clear schedule will help you build your readership.


Create Post Suggestions

how to create a killer blog content strategy

Since you have the framework for your calendar, you need to conceptualize blog post suggestions.

Thinking of loads of engaging subjects and other kinds of material in one go will certainly require time and effort, yet you’ll conserve a lot of time in the long run.

Make certain to maintain your objectives and also audience personalities in mind. Each piece of web content you create need to be critical.

It must assist you to reach your goals by feeding a requirement or rate of interest of your target audience.



Add Your Content Ideas to the Calendar

how to create a killer blog content strategy

With the previous tips and methods, you need to have the ability to create dozens of blog post concepts, probably sufficient for a whole year.

At this point, you can likewise figure out the due date for the draft as well as that will compose it so they know in advance what they require to do as well as by when.

When going into these headlines into your schedule, be tactical:


Develop a mix of various types of web content

If you have a food blog, you may develop a weekly content blend with dishes on Mondays and also Wednesdays, a restaurant testimonial on Tuesdays, a how-to article on Thursdays, and so forth.


Article your ideal blog posts on the optimal days.

How-to messages, for example, often tend to produce more traffic as well as engagement, so publish (or rather, promote) them on the days of the week when your target market is most active.

Do likewise with any other material that gives a lot of value to your audience.

Pointer: After you’ve included every one of your headings to the calendar, do not leave it right now.

Maintaining an editorial calendar for your blog assists you remain focused on your objectives as well as improving performance.

Consider it this way:  The number of times has you had to generate a blog post idea at the last second?

How many blog posts have you composed as well as published just for the benefit of posting something?

This can occur to anyone, yet if you produce a content calendar, you can stay clear of these issues, publish consistently, and also concentrate on the content that gets you results.

Preparation of your web content in advance aids you to make sure each piece of material you release will aid you to reach your advertising and marketing goals.

Here is an excellent resource for your blogging.


Content Types to Consider for Your Blog Content Strategy

Content Marketing Writers - Free photo on Pixabay


The First Steps

It was all text when the internet first began. However, the internet is increasingly becoming a visual medium, with images and video dominating.

As a result, bloggers must not only be excellent writers but also have reasonable photography skills and the ability to communicate effectively on video. Don’t forget about audio – podcasting is rapidly growing in popularity.


Posts on the Blog

Regardless of how much emphasis is placed on video and music on the internet, the content will always reign supreme.

However, consumers will become increasingly hesitant to read your stuff. What options do you have?

Write engaging articles with attention-getting headlines.

Make your material scannable so visitors can quickly get the concept and decide whether or not they want to read it.



Yes, you must include at least one image in each of your postings… but selecting the incorrect image can backfire.

Examine the postings of other bloggers to discover what’s working.

It’s fine to take images with your phone, but I strongly advise you to invest in a DSLR camera.



I’ve seen statements that YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine.

YouTube is owned by Google, so if Google likes it, you should too. You must have a YouTube channel and be producing videos.

Short movies can be used as a teaser for a craft or recipe on your site.

A video review of a product is possible.

You can just conduct a screencast video in which no one sees your face and only sees your screen and what you’re discussing.

And, in an ideal world, you’d be performing a combination of all of these… as well as embedding these videos in your postings.

When you do that, Google appreciates it.



I’m not sure whether you’ve heard about podcasting yet, but you should.

It’s a fantastic method to keep up with your favourite bloggers and business owners.

It’s also a terrific method to build a rapport with your audience and demonstrate your authority.

Plus, it’s just plain entertaining!


Your Content Strategy

Your site’s blog content plan should include all of the following categories of content: text, photos, video, and audio.

Consider it a challenge rather than a chore, and have fun being creative!

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