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Is Blogging Still Worth it?

Is Blogging Still Worth it

Is Blogging Still Worth it

Is Blogging Still Worth it?

There are around 1.94 billion websites available on the internet.

On the internet, there are over a billion blogs. That works out to about one blog for every seven people on the planet.

Every single day, nearly 4 million articles are published on the internet. Today, I’m going to talk about whether or not blogging is still worthwhile.

The short answer to this question is currently no.

Of course, the long response to the concern is.


This is Amazing!


What about blogging today

Now, don’t just turn off the video and, if you have a blog, don’t just stop blogging.

In the traditional sense, blogging isn’t worth it if all you’re doing is writing text-based content and expecting it to do miracles for you.

Here’s what you should do if you want to continue to succeed in the blogging world today and in the future.

First and foremost, don’t limit yourself to text-based content.

Traditionally, blog sites were only used to disseminate text-based content.

And they’d simply say, “Here’s my website,” “Here’s a blog post,” and that was all.

That’s amazing, but do you realize what? Text-based content is no longer sufficient.


The Power of Content

We all use a device known as a cellphone. People are using this phone to watch videos and listen to podcasts.

So don’t only blog text-based content when you’re blogging. Make content that is video-based. Create audio-based content. Put it up on your blog.

Also, make it available on a variety of different platforms.

And that’s the second topic I’d want to discuss.

Blogging is more than just putting content on your website. That content must be available at all times. You might be wondering why, Neil, duplicate content is penalized by Google.

No, that is a misunderstanding. Replicated web content is not penalized by Google.

You don’t have to worry about it because they’ve stated it clearly.

So, take that text-based content from your blog and share it on Facebook as well.

Repost it on LinkedIn as well. You want to place it anywhere you can. Hell, I’d create a account and repost it there as well.

Take your videos, put it on YouTube, placed it on LinkedIn, put it on Facebook, put it on Instagram TV.

Have you noticed that wherever you’re seeing this video, if you look me up on any other social network, you’ll see the same video?


As a result of the fact that I put the identical content everywhere. Some people use YouTube, while others use Facebook.

Individuals are dispersed over all of these social structures. I’d like to keep track of them everywhere I go.

The third element to understand is blogging in the traditional sense, in which you simply write text-based material, publish it on a website, drive traffic to a product or service, collect leads, and succeed.

This is no longer the case with blogging.


How to Win with B2B Creative Content Marketing - Oktopost


Blogging is really pricey.

And below’s what I indicate.

Allow’s say you obtain these positions. After that Google comes around, they launch a Google update.

Have you noticed that the people that obtain struck one of the most with these updates and also do not rank as high, are the sites that aren’t upgrading their web content?

You reached consistently collect e-mails and also push subscribers.

So you can make use of devices like or Hello there Bar or Mailchimp.

Use whatever you desire. If you continuously get these individuals to come back to your site, obtain them to subscribe.

That’ll give you a chance at marketing those people over time. If you don’t offer them in time, it will not do also for you.

If you expect individuals to simply enjoy a YouTube video clip or a Facebook video, and purchase from you right now, it’s not going to occur.

That’s why it’s very vital to construct that target market via email, push when they come to your website, and obtain them to maintain continually come back, so that way you can transform them in time.

If you make those adjustments and you adjust, blogging is still worth it.

If you do not and also you simply want to concentrate on writing a text-based content, never ever upgrade it, create me-too content, and also the exact same things that everyone else is going to compose on, you’re not going to do that well.

But when you change to that fresh new point of view, that’s when you’ll see you’re still going to get a ROI from blogging.

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Is Blogging Still Worth it

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