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Best Blog Topics to Write About in 2023 (updated)

Best Blog Topics to Write About

What are the best blog topics to write about?

Regardless of what age, career, or personality you have in life, you’ll locate something that matches you in blogging.

There exists a plethora of particular niches for you to discover on the web especially now that it maintains expanding (so to speak).

Rest ensured you’ll never lack blog topics to cover in 2023 no matter your expertise.

Sharp Social

It is just one of the finest things about blogging. It lets you produce a community of your populated with individuals of the exact same passions.

Currently, we did state that there’s no lack of subjects to cover, right?

The catch is that not every one of them is on the exact same level of popularity or efficiency in bringing you web traffic or target market involvements.

Some concepts or topics are more favoured by others this year. That’s why we’re going to list the very best of them.

We’re not saying you should tighten your blogging to these subjects exclusively, however we make certain you can get used to striking that healthy balance of originality as well as site web traffic.

Here are the 10 best blog topics to write about.





Obviously, people hate checking out manuals or guidelines theoretically yet don’t have problems when it’s revealed online.

The exact same chooses to find out points physically.

You can not blame them, we’re all strapped for time this particular day as well as age.

So, you could too satisfy their impatience (or various other factors for needing overviews) and also develop some “how-to” articles, guides, as well as tutorials.

This can be anything from being a DIY residence handyman to various other a lot more perplexing stuff involving innovation.

Hell, you can also make an overview regarding blogging if you’re feeling extremely meta … wait.

Beyond that, reliable articles, ones where you play a professional or pundit on details subjects for making guides, are likewise favoured as well as well-appreciated.

It’s better if you add images or video snippets.



Politics – Free Creative Commons Images from Picserver



Love it or despise it, politics exists to remain and also to bring traffic to your website if you understand exactly how to treat it right.

Political information, commentaries, opinion, investigatory functions, and so on.

Politics itself is a large subject matter specifically if your blog’s range is global. Otherwise, then at the minimum, you’ll require to make sure that you take care of vital as well as sensitive info well.

Although, regardless of exactly how cautious you are, you need to always be prepared for controversy as well as a troll or two in the process.

That’s politics for you yet do not let it prevent you.




Food & Recipes

Below’s something milder if national politics isn’t your cup of tea.

Food ought to bring individuals together, not divide them and also you would certainly have to be a party pooper to cause difficulty on an internet site that’s everything about food and also food dishes.

This’s fun too, especially if you’re a food blog owner. You generally obtain to try a few of the local or foreign (if you have the funds) specials as well as share them on your site.

Maybe take place a food tourism in a remote as well as peculiar Eastern country and also do a street food function there.

If you like making food as opposed to consuming them (yep, right) then you can then post your dishes on your blog for the globe to see.

It’s one means to develop a positive area.





Travel and lifestyle blogs are quite synonymous with food blogs as well. When you travel a lot, there’s no way to you’ll omit some of the premiered gourmets of that place.

Hence, these two can come hand-in-hand, especially for your blog.

Travel blogs, however, can be a bit more expensive to maintain for the most obvious of reasons: you need to be a seasoned traveller.

Meanwhile, you can still make a blog out of your living conditions or habits without travelling by being a lifestyle blogger.

This incorporates routines you do to take care of yourself or how to achieve the same status as you have. That is, if you’re confident enough with sharing.



Job Interview Career Conference - Free vector graphic on Pixabay


Interviews/Personal Stories

Nothing turns heads better than people of renown. Any industry has one and you can invite them for an interview which could then count as content for your website.

It’s a tried and tested format especially if your blog is about self-help for financial success.

They don’t even have to be written content either; expert opinion can sometimes come in the form of videos or even podcasts.

Meanwhile, if you’re more confident about yourself or in being a guru, you can tell your own stories in your blog.

Even everyday events such as how you overcame something or the retelling of an important event in your life can elicit emotions from your readers and even become viral.

It’s a format effective both in vlogging and blogging or even if you’re partly YouTuber.





It’s obvious that the computer game industry gets on a roll today. In truth, it is presently the most popular tool of electronic enjoyment– much more so than film or the songs sector.

As you can visualize, it’s a market ripe for the taking.

That suggests establishing your very own video gaming blog as well as featuring all kinds of topics regarding video games is bound to be a successful endeavour.

It’s a broad subject matter too; it can be gaming news, video game reviews, video game lists, walkthroughs, guides, opinions and case studies, rumours, etc.

You can even set yourself apart by picking a specific gaming platform. The best part?

It’s a lot less stressful than most topics in this list, you basically combine work and play.




Advocacies (charity, activism)

Since 2019 and beyond is a period in human history where social justice awareness is currently at its peak.

Basically, people simply want to be a part of something and do something good for a certain set of beliefs.

That’s why posts about activism like calls to action, fundraisers, and even studies about the environment are both useful for the society and your blog.

We did mention fundraisers, right? A lot of independent organizations and companies do that these days in order to help both themselves and other people.

For example, posts that show the condition of an orphaned pet that needs to be adopted or a human being with a bizarre condition that needs help; evoke emotions and prompt people to do something, all they need is a little push from your blog.



topics to write about



When it comes to topics to write about for blogs, reviews are probably one of the most persistent and effective.

Its effect is similar to expert guides or tutorials where people look to you for authority on a specific subject.

In this case, it can be anything, like how good a recent movie is, how much bang for the buck they get for an item, or how worth it a service might be.

Possibly one of the most financially rewarding amongst them are item evaluations from businesses like or various other prominent merchants.

Of program, the more genuine they are, the much better.

Since you understand which topics to cover this year, it’s time to make hay while the sun is still beaming.

Just how specific niche or efficient these topics are might quickly transform in the coming months– yet do not stress, we’ll be there to update you ultimately.



Artificial Intelligence

A number of AI solutions are being developed to automate procedures and increase productivity as artificial intelligence (AI) has recently gained popularity in the technology sector.

Due to their capacity to improve decision-making, accuracy, efficiency, and productivity, these technologies have greatly increased in popularity across numerous industries.

AI tools have altered the way we work and interact with technology, from chatbots to predictive analytics.

These systems can analyze massive amounts of data, spot trends, and offer perceptions that can help in decision-making.

Several facets of our lives, including corporate operations, client interactions, healthcare, and education, are being automated by AI tools.

With AI, we can automate routine and mundane tasks, allowing us to focus on more strategic and creative work.

For sure, one of the best trending topics for 2023 and beyond.



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Best Blog Topics to Write About

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