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Blogging Mistakes: 10 Things Not To Do When Starting a Blog

10 Things Not To Do When Starting a Blog

Ever dreamt of unleashing your inner wordsmith onto the blogosphere, only to watch your masterpiece languish in the digital abyss?

Yeah, that’s the blogging life most newbies don’t see coming.

But take a deep breath, aspiring author, because I’m about to drop a knowledge bomb that’ll turn your blog from a tumbleweed wasteland into a vibrant online oasis.

Forget those feel-good “start a blog in 5 easy steps” articles. We’re about to get real. I’m talking about 10 landmines of epic proportions – the hidden booby traps that trip up even the most enthusiastic blogger.

This ain’t just another dry list of “don’ts”. Brace yourself for insider secrets, brutally honest truths, and battle-tested tips that’ll save you months of frustration and propel your blog to viral stardom (okay, maybe not viral, but at least past the tumbleweed stage).

Ready to sidestep the blogosphere graveyard and build a platform that screams “wow”? Then strap in, buttercup, because this knowledge bomb is about to detonate.

The 10 Things Not To Do When Starting a Blog await. Let the blog rebooting commence!



10 Things Not to Do When Starting a Blog

If you want to build a successful blog you have to take good notes about the 10 things not to do when starting a blog.

Here they are_


1. Beginning your blog site on a free website

If you’re just blogging as a hobby as well as have NO wish to earn money from your blog, after that it makes good sense to use a cost-free system, such as or

Yet if you want to earn money from blogging, you’ll want to avoid making use of free blogging systems.

This is among the most common blogging mistakes newbies make.

Brand names as well as marketers favor working with self-hosted blog sites.

I can appreciate that beginning a blog site for “complimentary” sounds attractive, but there’s no such thing as a freebie on this globe.

You’re not spending for holding with a free blog site, yet you’re “paying” in other ways such as …

  • Free blog sites generally have slower rates
  • It’s tough to run promotions on free blog sites (making it tough to make money).
  • Free blog sites don’t rate well in search engines because Google favours self-hosted sites.
  • The Free blogs have limited personalization options and also look unprofessional.
  • Having a complimentary blog site looks careless as well as provides your site visitors with an impact that you’re not devoted to.
  • Free blogs are a waste of time because you need to be self-hosted if you wish to make good cash.

These restrictions can prevent you from expanding your blog as well as generating income from your enthusiasm.

That’s why I advise getting a self-hosted internet site from the start. This makes certain that you have the right foundation for your blog to prosper.

If you want to make money from your blog, freelance or turn your blog site right into a business someday, after that spending for your hosting (such as via Bluehost) is a REQUIREMENT.

It’s cheap to get going, as well as you can run your very own ads, affiliate web links or product sales with a blog site utilizing Bluehost.

You can begin your very own lucrative blog for just $2.95/ month.

Plus, you’ll get a cost-free domain when you sign up via my tutorial.

I started my blog site with Bluehost as well as suggested them. That’s why I partnered with them to get this special rate for Mint Concept viewers.

You can utilize my very easy step-by-step overview right here to get going.


2. Picking a negative host firm.

Lots of new bloggers are quick to register with inexpensive web hosting firms that are well-known, such as GoDaddy.

However, this is just one of the top blog writing blunders individuals make.

Why? Since these host firms offer low-quality holding as well their customer service is non-existent! To put it simply– you obtain what you spend for.

There are many web hosting companies to select from, yet Bluehost is just one of the most effective.

It’s one of the top web hosting firms of 2020. It’s also super simple and cost-effective to begin your own blog with them.

I started my blog site with Bluehost and suggested it to any person interested in beginning a self-hosted blog site. Plus, they provide a 30-day money-back warranty.

So there’s really little threat in starting a blog site through Bluehost, as well as a lot of possibilities to earn money blogging.


3. Trying to please every person.

Many brand-new blog owners stress they’ll run out of concepts for posts if they stick to simply one subject.

This is why they discuss whatever as well as anything. (I was definitely guilty of this when I started my blog).

While it sounds clever to produce a blog site that interests everybody, it practically NEVER works.

By trying to please every person, you wind up bringing in nobody.

Rather, your blog site will not have focus, and your visitors will get baffled as well as have no suggestion of what your brand is about or why they need to care.

Does this seem like the sort of blog site you wish to have? Probably not.

Successful bloggers have a solid specific niche.

They know what their target audience is, what their reader is struggling with, and also exactly how to inspire their visitor to achieve their objective.

I know this can sound frustrating now, especially if you’re a brand-new blogger. Do not fret. I didn’t have a target market when I began my blog site.

It took me some time before I located my blog writing voice and also developed a strong particular niche. These things require time, which is all right.

To aid you in getting started on locating your niche, below are some questions to ask on your own:.

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are your abilities? Are you experienced with a particular topic?
  • How can I earn money from my passion as well as knowledge? As an example, if you select the particular niche “fashion”, look at how various other fashion blog sites are generating income.


4. Wasting time attempting to make your blog site excellent.

Here’s the decisive moment when it comes to having the “ideal” blog site: There is NO such point as the best blog site.

Got it? Okay, great.

I see SO many new blog owners get overtaken by the idea that they need to have the best blog site name or the perfect internet site design.

However, this attitude prevents brand-new bloggers from prospering since they’re too terrified to take risks.

They waste a lot of time on small details that truly don’t matter in the big picture.

There are several blog sites with catchy domains and gorgeous website styles that don’t make any money.

If you want to be a successful blogger, focus on producing successful web content.

Share items your target market will certainly locate beneficial as well as give worth to them.

You could have one of the most beautiful-looking blogs on the planet. Yet it’s ultimately your material that will make the greatest effect.


5. Spread yourself as well on social media.

Many new blog owners feel the need to be on EVERY social media system because that’s what they see other bloggers doing.

The fact is, every social media system functions differently.

For example, growing your target market on Pinterest includes a different technique than expanding your followers on Instagram.

One of the biggest blogging mistakes I see beginners make is spreading themselves too thin on social media.

Rather, I suggest focusing on ONE (or 2) social media systems to advertise your blog site and doing them actually well.

Not sure which system to focus on? My suggestion is to go where your perfect audience hangs around. For instance,

Pinterest is my favourite platform for promoting my blog content.


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6. Overlooking your email listing.

An email checklist is vital to your success as a blogger.

Among the top blogging blunders, novices make is waiting to start expanding their email checklist.

Some blog owners don’t even supply an option for visitors to subscribe to an email listing (which is also worse).

This is one of the blogging blunders I made at first. It took me two years before I joined MailChimp to begin my e-mail listing.

I really did not the value of having an e-mail list. I’m sharing this with you because I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did.

If I can return in time and tell my more youthful blogging self what I recognize now, beginning an e-mail listing from day one would get on the top of my checklist!

Why? Because you possess your e-mail list.

Social networks come and go, and algorithms can transform, yet your e-mail checklist continues to be the same.

Plus, your e-mail clients are more likely to be item buyers.

This indicates if you ever make a decision to market a product or service, you need an email list.

Your email clients are your many engaged blog site readers as well and will certainly be your most dedicated consumers.


7. Hesitating to invest in devices that will certainly assist your blog site growth.

Numerous brand-new blog writers are afraid to invest cash or invest in devices that they NEED to assist in expanding and earning money from their blog site.

This is one of the blogging mistakes I made initially.

It’s amusing because most of these new blog writers are also scared to pay for hosting and well as rather select a free blogging platform (wishing they could make it successful sooner or later).

Picking a totally free blog site to test the waters is a mistake.

When you have a complimentary blog, you will not take blogging seriously– and also neither will Google or brand names you want to deal with.

However, when you spend for the host (which is only a few dollars each month), you’re more likely to purchase your blog and take blogging more seriously, which will certainly settle BIG in the long run.

The number of hobbies can you think of that only expense a couple of dollars each month?

The number of company concepts can you consider that only expense a couple of bucks each month to start?

Blogging is among the MOST inexpensive pastimes/ business ideas I recognize.

a) I used to be worried about investing cash.

b) I was scared to spend for a self-hosted blog.

c) I was terrified to spend cash on an expert WordPress style.

As well as I was truly scared to spend money getting blogging e-books or e-courses.

Then eventually I recognized that these fears were holding me back from pursuing my goals as well as being successful.

Occasionally you need to spend money to generate income.


8. Disregarding your blog site’s branding.

It seems ridiculous to think about it now, however, your blog site’s brand name is very important.

Developing a style overview for your blog will instantly make your internet site look even more professional as well as less like a newbie blog owner.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to obtain a custom-made website style, fancy logo, amazing photos, as well as legendary graphics.

All you have to do is keep it simple. Here are some practical ideas for creating a design overview for your blog:.

Produce a basic logo which reflects your blog site’s brand and core worth. I produced a straightforward logo utilizing Canva, nevertheless, you can pay someone to produce a custom-made logo design if you wish.

To keep things straightforward, I recommend developing a typographic logo.


Adhere to 2 or 3 font selections for your blog site’s brand name.

This keeps things looking clean as well as professional. I have 2 font options for my site: one font for my headings and 2nd typeface for my body massage.


What colours enter your mind when you think about Coca-Cola? If you stated red and white, that’s because they have great branding.

Shades are very important for sharing the distinct personality of your blog’s brand name. I recommend adhering to 2 or 3 shades. Below are some ideas to keep you motivated.


Your images are an important representation of your blog site’s brand name.

You don’t need to get a fancy cam, there are great deals on free and also paid stock picture internet sites to choose from rather than images for your blog site. Some of my faves consist of Pexels, Pixaby, and Unsplash.


9. Worrying about releasing a new post each day.

Among the blogging mistakes I made when I first began my blog site was to try and release a new article each day.

This technique was wearing down!

And also no individual can be an effective blog owner with this approach unless you have numerous factors to your internet site.

Several new blogs fail because they get bewildered and think they need to constantly pump out new content.

Content is important, but you don’t need to publish a new blog post every day to be successful.

Quality is more important than quantity.

You can post three times per week, two times per week, once per week, or a couple of times per month.

Whatever posting schedule you decide to do, make sure to be consistent.


10. Giving up too soon.

There were many times in my first year of blogging that I wanted to throw in the towel and give up on my blog.

Before I started Mint Notion, I didn’t know anything about blogs, social media or how to make money online. I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning.

But fortunately, I did one thing right.

I never gave up. I believed in myself and I stayed persistent.

What Not To Do When Starting A Blog.

Many new bloggers start a blog hoping for overnight success. But overnight success never happens overnight. It takes time.

Giving up too early is one of the most common blogging mistakes beginners make.

So whether it takes you 5 months or 5 years to achieve success, the important thing is to never give up.

Never give up on something that you can’t go through a day without thinking about.

Set goals, create an action plan, and make a commitment to yourself to keep at it, even if it seems like a struggle.


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Beyond the Technical Pitfalls: Navigating the Hidden Dimensions of Blogging

While avoiding technical blunders is crucial, true blogging success extends far beyond SEO, design, and content creation.

Here, we delve into the often-overlooked aspects that can impact your blogging journey in profound ways:

Preserving Your Inner Flame:

  • Time Management Ninja: Learn to wield time like a scalpel, carving out productive hours while setting healthy boundaries. Embrace scheduling tools, prioritize tasks, and delegate where possible.
  • Goal Guru: Set realistic, achievable goals that ignite your passion, not burn you out. Remember, Rome wasn’t blogged in a day – celebrate small wins and adapt goals as needed.
  • Feedback Fortress: Build resilience against negativity. Develop a thick skin, address constructive criticism with grace, and remember – not everyone will sing your blog’s praises.
  • Work-Life Alchemist: Blogging shouldn’t consume your entire being. Cultivate a healthy work-life balance, nurture other passions, and schedule regular breaks to prevent burnout’s icy grip.
  • Burnout Barometer: Know the signs: chronic fatigue, decreased motivation, and the dreaded writer’s block. When they appear, listen to your inner voice. Rest, recharge, and come back stronger.

Building a Legacy, Not Just a Blog:

  • Branding Bard: Craft a unique voice and message that sets you apart in the digital cacophony. Find your niche, inject your personality, and become a beacon for your ideal reader.
  • Community Curator: Don’t just broadcast, engage! Cultivate a loyal community by fostering genuine connections, responding to comments, and collaborating with other bloggers.
  • Evolutionary Mindset: The blogging landscape is ever-changing. Embrace adaptability, be open to learning new skills, and stay informed about industry trends. Continuous growth, not stagnation, fuels success.
  • Lifelong Learner: Never stop honing your craft. Experiment with writing styles, explore new marketing methods and attend workshops to sharpen your skills and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Aligned Aspirations: Does your blog align with your broader goals? Whether it’s building a career, advocating for a cause, or simply expressing yourself, ensure your blogging journey has a meaningful purpose.

Blogging with a Conscience:

  • Truth Crusader: Combat misinformation with responsible journalism. Fact-check your sources, avoid inflammatory language, and strive for accuracy and impartiality.
  • Amplifying Diverse Voices: Promote inclusivity and diversity in your content and platform. Share stories from different perspectives, challenge biases, and celebrate the richness of human experience.
  • Bias Buster: Be mindful of unconscious biases that can creep into your writing. Research diverse viewpoints, consult subject matter experts, and actively seek out constructive feedback to challenge your own assumptions.
  • Change Champion: Use your platform for good. Raise awareness about important issues, inspire action, and support causes you believe in. Remember, your words can be a powerful force for positive change.
  • Digital Footprint Detective: Consider the environmental impact of your blog. Choose energy-efficient hosting solutions, optimize images, and reduce unnecessary online clutter. Every bit counts!

By venturing beyond the technical checklist and embracing these crucial dimensions, you embark on a more holistic blogging journey.

You forge a path towards not just a successful blog, but a fulfilling experience that nourishes your mind, strengthens your community, and leaves a positive mark on the world.

Remember, the blogging landscape stretches far beyond the surface – so venture forth, explore its hidden depths, and let your blog become a radiant reflection of your authentic self and deepest values.



Video – 10 Things Not To Do When Starting a Blog

Video by Create and Go – Visit the channel


Alright, aspiring storyteller, you’ve navigated the minefield of common blogging mistakes.

You’ve chosen the right platform, crafted captivating content, and built a thriving community. You’ve avoided the SEO quicksand, the engagement black hole, and the monetization mirage.

But remember, the blogging journey isn’t about dodging potholes – it’s about paving your own road to success.

Embrace the joy of experimentation. Try new formats, explore fresh ideas, and let your voice evolve.

Remember, the most captivating blogs are those that pulsate with the blogger’s passion, not a carefully curated algorithm.

Stay curious, fellow wordsmith. Devour new knowledge, hone your skills, and adapt to the ever-shifting digital landscape.

The world of blogging is a living tapestry, woven with innovation and change. Become a thread of its vibrant fabric, constantly learning, growing, and pushing the boundaries of your creativity.

Above all, never forget the reason you started. Whether it’s sharing your unique voice, connecting with kindred spirits, or making a difference in the world, hold onto that flame.

Let it illuminate your path, guide your decisions, and fuel your journey.

So, dear blogger, step forward with confidence. You’ve shed the cloak of newbie mistakes, armed yourself with knowledge, and opened your heart to the possibilities.

Go forth, conquer the digital realms, and leave your mark on the world, one compelling story at a time.

Remember, the only limit is your imagination – and the power of your words. Now, go forth and blog with brilliance!




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10 Things Not To Do When Starting a Blog

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